It is pertinent to begin by stating that our mode of operating an intermediate scholasticate such as Saint Augustine’s College is first and foremost, embedded in the Augustinian charism. The Augustinian charism may be summed up as “the search for God through a community in which we share our faith and life and from which a wholehearted service of the church and the world receives its emphasis and encouragement" (Ratio Institutionis 8). Equally in line with this charism is the Augustinian tradition which posits that “Scholars are made not born". Therefore, following the didactic prowess of St. Augustine, we envision a society of men and women for all seasons who demonstrate a firm and resilient character thereby in freedom under grace.

These two strands, taken together, informs the reason why as Augustinians, we are deeply convinced that the perfect setting to nurture this communication ideal is by promoting a secondary school apostolate.

Community life for us generally consists of the cultivation of interpersonal relationships. Herein, the young Augustinian scholar encounters his peers on a tripodal platform of ardent studies, search for God through faith-sharing and an interactive character formation process Such sharing presupposes openness to others, a sense of belonging, acceptance, trust, support and encouragement as well as sensitivity to the need for corporeal and spiritual presence to others. These sterling qualities are duly cultivated within 6 years time frame. In other words, the scholarly formation in its entirety is carried out in a community environment that is both inviting and challenging. Thus, the wholistic formation of the individual is in no way reclusive, rather it prepares young Augustinian scholars to be open to the constantly evolving and often dramatic challenges of the world we live in.

On a cognitive level, we engender a very rigorous and competitive learning environment for our students. To this effect, we have a tracking device consisting of four ranking modules namely;

  • Shining Stars
  • Rising Stars
  • Midi Stars
  • Developing Stars

This tracking device aids in sharpening their interest in the current curriculum and it also stimulates an upward thrust of
migration based on academic performance for the individual student. In addition, we implement a “sit back order policy
which is probationary in nature in cases of poor academic performance especially in maths and English.

In order to have a well rounded approach to all the facets of the learning faculty, we further pay particular attention to development of our students’ psychomotor skills. This trains their organizational ability and leadership skills by the use of the Franco-Spartan approach (courtesy and discipline). This in turn inculcates or develops a desired kind of well groomed culture or decorum.

On a final note, the purpose of our school apostolate is meant to also challenge the negative effects of secularism on our children and heighten their sense of involved citizenry and collaborative role as team players in the wider society. Having highlighted our fundamental principle in such a fashion, we can in conclusion enumerate the desirable outcome of our Philosophy of Education on our students thus;

To be unassuming Analyzers or seekers of wisdom
To mature into balanced Communitarian
To serve as Justice and Peace Advocates
To evolve into well-informed Innovators
To become effective – self evaluators
As we journey along with our incoming/older students on this path to academic excellence, it is our heartfelt prayer and desire that our philosophy will equip, prepare and guide them towards very rewarding and fulfilling lifelong vocations.